Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Communicating with people from the other side

On Sunday, a lady made an appointment with me to do a reading for her. When she got to my home, I saw someone around her. I asked her who this man was? He had a mustache and very fierce looking eyes.

She explained that it was her dad. He had passed away some years back. He was very close to her. She also told me that she didn't know why she had made an appointment with me.

I told her
"It's got something to do with your late father."
And asked her
"Would you like to communicate with him?"
It is what i normally do. She agreed.

The first message that her father told her was that she had to be careful of two persons with this initial, M (initials have been changed for privacy purposes.) I also felt a strong presence around her with the initial, C. There were other personal things that were revealed to her by her late dad.

After the reading, she went on to explain that M is actually her husband. The other M happens to be her colleague. They currently live in separate homes. Money is the only reason that he's with her. The second initial ,C, is a beautiful girl who passed away tragically and untimely.She was my client's friend's daughter. She contacted the dead girl's mother and the mother made an appointment for me communicate with her late daughter.

That's all for now.

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