Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An Actual Haunting in Hougang

Just last Saturday, I was called to a home at Hougang. The owner there felt some disturbances during the night for the past month. The whole family did not get along and everyone was falling sick.

She made an appointment with me and when i got to the home, the first thing that caught my eye was a statue of a Deity. I felt a strong presence from this statue which didn't feel good. The owner explained to me that this statue was given to her family as its previous owner had experienced a lot of bad things happening to them.

After their father passed away, the statue was handed over to her family. It was a forty year old, antique statue of a deity. As i walked around the house, i also sensed spirits. I contacted a friend of mine who is skilled in cleansing homes. He did a healing and also cleansed the home. The owner saw that this particular friend of mine was drenched in sweat after cleansing the home. The house is now a better place as she has informed me. But my friend told me he had never been so weak after cleansing a home. I explained to him the strong force of this particular deity statue.

So friends, beware of what you bring into your house..

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